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Why swap using Sigmadex?

Find the best price every time

When performing a swap using Sigmadex, you can ensure that you have access to a vast selection of tokens at the most competitive prices.

Redeem all transaction fees in sSDEX

Swaps performed using Sigmadex are credited all transaction and gas fees in the form of sSDEX.

Earn rewards by referring others

Use your referrer link to earn sSDEX rewards from traders who swap tokens using Sigmadex.

About SDEX

What is the SDEX token?

Sigmadex (SDEX) is an ERC-20 asset that serves multiple purposes. Firstly, it empowers community governance of Sigmadex operating across multiple EVM networks. SDEX token-holders themselves or elected delegates can discuss, debate, propose and vote on all changes or enhancements to the protocol using the token. Secondly, SDEX is also used on SigmaFi for minting various NFTs and can also serve as staking token for earning further SDEX rewards.

Can I stake SDEX?

Staking allows SDEX to be passively earned in several ways through SigmaFi smart contracts. By staking your SDEX, you can mint different APY NFTs to receive additional staking rewards. These rewards are minted based on independent smart contract parameters.

What is the difference between SDEX and sSDEX?

The sSDEX token represents SDEX which is locked in the Sigmadex ecosystem. It is an illiquid asset designed to represent a ”staked” status for SDEX which cannot be immediately sold into the open market. By separating SDEX and sSDEX we are able to govern and balance the protocol accordingly by having a global perspective on total circulation and ecosystem balance.

Intuitive interface

The Sigmadex user interface is a fully transparent, easy to use interface, designed specifically for users to harness the multitude of powerful data sets the platform has to offer.

Dashboard main image.


TBD 2021


First Iteration

Q1 2022

Second Iteration

Q2-Q3 2022

Third Iteration



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